The Company

Le Craftsmen is an exclusive boutique dedicated to creating bespoke jewellery and offering premium Natural & Untreated gemstones to our customers. We create extraordinary, unique and exclusive fine jewellery pieces that turns your dreams in reality.

Every piece is exclusively design by our designers and set by our Master Craftsmen, using traditional techniques and modern technology in jewellery creation with only the quality precious metals and finest gemstones.

Experience our Fine Collections and Bespoke Jewellery today.

The Gemstones

At Le Craftsmen, we only craft with premium gemstones with the highest standards in the selection process. All our extraordinary gemstones are sourced around the world ethically by our gem hunters, who believes in beauty, rarity and quality of gemstones.

Precious gemstones (Diamonds, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald) that are untreated makes up less than 1% of what is available on the market. These gemstones have significantly more value and are far more stable in retaining that value over commercially heated and treated gemstones. All gemstones are unique and rare, at Le Craftsmen, all our gemstones are certified by renowned gemological laboratory with reputable gemmologist present to you only the best.

The Collections

All our fine jewellery collections are designed by our Celebrity Designer, and we will walk you through the journey to create a unique fine jewellery piece. The masterpiece will finally be forged by the hands of a master craftsman who pays attention to the most intricate details.

The Bespoke Journey

Bespoke jewellery is about a unique experience and journey. Tailored to perfection, every jewellery piece designed by Le Craftsmen is guaranteed to be meticulously crafted.

The journey begins with our gem hunters selecting and acquiring extraordinary gemstones of high quality, value, and beauty around the world, from mines and dealers, to master gem cutters with brilliant precision cuts. After the selection, all our gemstones will be verified and certified by renowned gemological laboratory and reputable gemologist to ensure the quality standards.

Experience Bespoke Jewellery with Le Craftsmen today.

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